Let’s stay connected!

Just because you can’t physically can’t be together doesn’t mean you can’t still play together.  Our offering of fun and engaging games can be played using a phone, tablet or computer – and connects your entire team no matter where they are located!


Virtual Bingo

Thought you needed a dabber and giant spinning bowl? Think again! Get your team together laughing, as our hosts run though a range of virtual bingo types. Each player is connected by video, and is sent in advance a bingo card link. We offer a range of styles from music bingo, to theme-based and even customized for your group bingo!

Virtual Trivia

An engaging way to bring your team together! Get everyone thinking as our host delivers trivia of all levels to your group. Pick your theme in advance, and a link is sent to your team to bring everyone on-line at the same time for some laughs and skill-testing.

Virtual Escape Room

Get everyone challenging their skills as we split your team into competitive groups. Our host walks your group through a scenario that needs solving, and your groups compete to get through the many steps to escape.

Scavenger Hunt

Just because you are stuck at home, doesn’t mean you can’t find a whole world of excitement in virtual scavenger hunt.

Virtual Pictionary

Get your teams artistic talents going with virtual pictionary. Someone in your office claim to be Van Gogh? We will find out!